Since my early teens I have been a keen follower of motorsport especially motorbike racing. When I moved to Northern Ireland I was introduced to Real Road Racing by a work collegue.

In 2005 I was given a Canon EOS 350 and a couple of  lenses as a Christmas present. It was then that I started taking photographs at the various motorcycle race meetings I attended in both the North and South of Ireland road racing and short circuit.  Since then I have upgraded my camera first to a Canon EOS30D and then a Canon EOS1D

In 2007 I got my first photos published, since then I have had pictures printed in the County Down Spectator, the Newtownards Chronicle, Impartial-Reporter-Enniskillen, Road racing Ireland, Ulster Road racing In Focus, Irish Bike and Bike Sport News the latter being my main publication with photographs published in almost every issue throughout 2009 and 2010.

E mail:- derek.wilson134@googlemail.com


4 responses

  1. i am looking to purchase a copy of the photo of my friend bruce ansty at the ulster grand prix.i want to frame it for my living room wall. its the one on front cover of bikesport news.please e mail or phone 07866 527787

  2. Hi i would be interested in purchasing a couple of photos of my son Daniel kart number 32 at kirkistown on the 15th jan 2012 it appears to be NI-Karting-kirkistown-19 can you give me costs and available sizes. Paddie Harper 07837812957

    1. Paddie,

      I will check what photos I have and get back to you. Do nyou have an e mail addrees I can send info to.


  3. stan@harperrallyprep.com is our best bet as i only lift mail 3 days a week in work

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